STACKLOT is a Denver-based design firm that helps create innovative spaces, maximizes value, and merges physical and digital systems. STACKLOT’s services include Planning, Landscape Architecture and an added focus on Real Estate, property repositioning and value add strategies. Our unique approach to the design and real estate industry give clients a superior advantage in project performance and success. STACKLOT’s agenda is to efficiently extract the greatest potential for any given project and effectively bring it to successful completion.



Justin Hay & Steve Wiens

We're passionate about partnering with visionary, enthusiastic individuals and entities that are leading the frontier in our new marketplace - ready to build synergy between one another and develop product and strategy that will transcend and thrive in this new and exciting marketplace.

> experience : Justin & Steve have over 35 years of combined experience in the planning, landscape architecture and real estate industy. 


Justin Hay worked as the Director of Planning and Landscape Architecture with CLC Associates, Inc., and led and managed multiple teams for numerous clients and cities across the United States. Justin has extensive experience in spatial design and property repositioning on all levels: urban infill, suburban and peripheral development, infrastructure, roadways, multi-model transit arrangements, parks, open space, public realms, and the importance of social and cultural layering. Justin's employment with Hargreaves Assosiates on sophisticated projects such as the NYC 2012 Olympic Bid, Highline Raised Rail (NYC),  Arts Center of North Texas, Brightwater Facility - Seattle, and Dongjiadu, China has earned him awards such as the American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award and his work has been published in the New York Times, Architectural Record and Metropolis Magazine. Justin has designed and re-entitled all land use types on multiple project types. Justin is an expert in graphic artistry - both digital and hand rendering and has superior 3D and 4D skills in multiple programs.


property repositioning : We find great pride in taking each property  through the appropriate due diligence filters to achieve the highest and best use analysis and value strategy for each client.  Our extensive planning and real estate experience reveal each layer of a site to assist clients in determing how to move forward with development, land hold or a reversion of a site. We've analyzed and repositioned  project types valued between $2M to $1.0B in assests for clients. Our  experience gives us the ability to understand the value and financial ammunition needed for individual properties, neighborhood analysis, and overall real estate industry standards. Whether through the rezoning of a site to its highest and best use through densification, development strategies, value add, purchase/sell and full feasibility reporting - StackLot's capacity is broad which gives a great advantage. 

fusing physical + tech It is only natural that as society progresses in the design of our physical and digital landscapes their must come a merging of the two systems. We have seen this increase over the past few years through the explosion of geo-spatial, location based and social applications. There is a longing to connect the online with the offline. 


Through the merging of StackLot's extensive experience in the design of physical space and digital experience, we've created multiple concept applications; dealing specifically in the geo-spatial and location based hemispheres. Goals are that these applications will not only create a pure digital design, but will begin to reciprocate design back into the physical realm thus creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.